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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Be Treated Like A VIP In Las Vegas, You Have To Act Like A VIP

Good tippers are treated more like VIP's in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas was built on making everyone feel important. Even if you just hopped off the Greyhound bus from North Dakota with $20 in your pocket, you were treated like a VIP, somewhere. Hospitality is still paramount in Sin City, but if you really want to be treated like a VIP in Las Vegas, you have to act like a VIP and that means - you tip - and tip large.

The grease that keeps the machinery of the people that serve you is Las Vegas is tipping. Most of the waitresses, dealers, doormen, bellman, valet parkers, etc. are getting a little bit better than minimum wage. Tips are what they rely on for survival. And there is nothing they hate worse than bad tippers, especially supposed VIP's that don't tip at all.

Michael Jordan, LeBron James and a number of other athletes and stars with plenty of money to burn at the gaming tables rarely tip the dealers and the servers. Then there are the people who are impossible to get along with, like Jerry Lewis, Elton John and Celine Dion. They're too demanding, demean employees and don't show any appreciation with cash.

Real VIP's in Vegas are not stingy. If you want a good table or a specific table with a view at a restaurant, the "Vegas Handshake" - a handshake with $10 or more in it - will get you your request pronto.

If you want great drinks, heavy pours, and outstanding service, slip a $5 or $10 on the bar and tell the bartender, "Take care of us, we'll be here a while." You will get treated like a first class VIP all night. You've told the bartender that you're serious and you speak the language of Las Vegas - cash.

If anyone handles your bags, give them at least $1 per bag. If it's really hot, throw in an extra buck or two - they've been catering to tourists in the heat all day and they'll greatly appreciate it.

Cocktail waitresses should get a minimum of $1 per drink when you are gambling.

For restaurants. I never tip less than 20%. Of course, I can count the number of times I've had bad service in Las Vegas on the fingers of one hand. There is a service mentality in Las Vegas that I have only seen at Disney theme parks.

Years ago, before assigned seating in showrooms, your seat was determined by the amount of money in your "Vegas Handshake" - A wad got you a VIP booth up front. A couple bucks might get you in the middle of the showroom. And the clueless tourists with no "Vegas Handshake" sat in the back and were sold binoculars.

Tip the dealers, especially if you are winning. There is nothing worse than seeing a guy walk away from the crap table with a pile of chips and not tip the dealers. When you play craps, it's customary to throw down a tip or make a bet on behalf of the dealers and say, "This is for the boys." Usually, all the dealers at the crap table will repeat, "Alright, one for the boys." And then they thank you.

In Las Vegas, the phrase, "Money talks, bullshit walks," has some truth to it. All of the service industry people are taught to treat every guest like they are special, but it if they get a little grease from a guest, it is human nature to step up their game.

If you want to be treated like a VIP in Las Vegas, you have to act like a VIP - tip - and tip large.

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Viva Las Vegas!
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