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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where To Watch The Fireworks In Las Vegas On July 4th Weekend, 2011

Caesars Palace could be best spot for fireworks.
Usually, there has been a large display of fireworks on The Strip in Las Vegas, which involved most of the major properties. However, this year, only Caesars Palace and Mandalay Bay are hosing fireworks on The Strip. However, there are plenty of locations where you can see the bombs bursting in air. I'll give you some tips on where to watch fireworks in Las Vegas on July 4th, 2011.

Probably the best deal for seeing fireworks in Las Vegas will be the show put on from the top of the Roman Tower at Caesars Palace. From what I can tell, there is no charge and all you have to do is be in the vicinity. Make note: This show is on July 3rd and kicks off at 9:15 pm.

Mandalay Bay will host a fireworks display and a concert by Mystic Roots. Cost is $25. Doors open at 8 pm on the 4th.

For a comprehensive list of fireworks throughout the Las Vegas Valley between July 2-4, 2011, see There are also a number of concerts and special events. And that's where to watch the fireworks in Las Vegas on July 4th Weekend, 2011.

Enjoy your Fourth of July in Las Vegas. You can bet it all on the USA, we're here to stay. - List of Events
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

National Bikini Day Is July 5th. Send In Your Best Bikini Pics To Post

Send in your best Bikini Photos
There is a holiday for everything these days. According to my best research, July 5th is National Bikini Day - So, send in your best bikini pics and we'll post them. Be a star!

Temperatures in Las Vegas will be hot over the holiday weekend and action around the pools will be hot, too. It's easy to share your best bikini shots. Email them to:

You must include first names or nickname of people in picture and the name of the Hotel/Casino where the pool is. 

The best shots will be posted here. 

Viva Las Vegas!

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Las Vegas Weather June 29 - July 3, 2011 - Heat, Water, Sunscreen, Pools

After another windy day today and a second day of under 100º temperatures today and tomorrow, the heat returns. Las Vegas Weather for Jun 29 - July 3, 2011 will have heat, drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen regularly and stay by the pool.

Heat, Heat, Heat for the weekend. Data from    

When I first moved to Las Vegas, I was good up until about 103º. Over the years, I added a few degrees to that. Once temperatures went above 105º, it was time to stay inside or by the pool. I'm sure the same will apply to you, if you're headed to Las Vegas for the weekend.

TIP: You have no idea how much you are perspiring in Las Vegas because your sweat evaporates almost immediately. As a result, it is very easy to get dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water this week. If you drink alcohol, every other drink or every third drink should be water. Alcohol only speeds up the dehydration process.

Do your walking early in the morning or at dusk and at night. If you're committed to seeing the The Strip during the day, take the Deuce buses - double-deck buses - to get from one end of The Strip to the other.

Have a great time. If you want to learn a casino game, check with any of the pit bosses, concierge or casino hosts and the casino most likely offers free lessons. Don't just sit at a slot machine the whole time you're in Vegas. Play!

For more details on Las Vegas Weather June 29 - July 3, 2011 - See The Weather Channel Online.

Viva Las Vegas!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Las Vegas Weather June 27 - July 1, 2011 - High Winds Coming

If you're headed to Las Vegas this week, you're going to get a break in the temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday, but high winds might interrupt some of your fun. Here is the Las Vegas Weather for June 27 - July 1, 2011.
Data from The Weather Channel -

Last week, high temperatures were peaking around 106º every day - not horrible for a resident, but that kind of heat could be rough on a tourist. This week, you're looking at - Monday, 104º; then you'll see 106º on Tuesday and high winds. It will be windy on Wednesday also. Temps on Wednesday and Thursday will be under the 100º mark. Friday, the heat returns.


When the forecast shows WINDY in Las Vegas - it is really windy. Hats fly down the street and elderly tourists get toppled. Wind will not only blow over your drinks at the pool, but it will shut down a few of the attractions in Las Vegas. Anything with height or water.

Expect some shutdowns or interruptions in service with the following depending on the wind speed:
  • Stratosphere - Observation Deck and rides at the top of the tower
  • Bellagio - Dancing fountains will not be running
  • Paris - No trips to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • New York-New York - Roller coaster might not be operating
If those are attractions on your itinerary, don't attempt them on Tuesday and Wednesday.

For more on Las Vegas Weather for June 27 - July 1, 2011, see The Weather Channel online.

Enjoy your stay in Las Vegas. Stay away from the Big Wheel... worst odds in the house. It's a carnival game for suckers.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Las Vegas Weather June 24-27, 2011 - 100 Degree Temps

Las Vegas Weather June 24-27, 2011.
Looks like it is going to be hot in Las Vegas over the next four days. Las Vegas Weather shows temperatures will be just above the 100º mark through Monday, June 27th. Evening temps will be around 80º, which is absolutely spectacular for spending the night out, strolling on The Strip.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, during the day and in the evening. If you're a heavy drinker, alcohol dehydrates you, so mix in a water in between drinks - you'll feel much better in the morning.

Apply and re-apply sunscreen during daytime hours.

Winds will be a little gusty, so hang on to your hats.

When winds are high, the Eiffel Tower observation deck at the Paris Hotel & Casino will shut down and the fountains at the Bellagio will not be running.

Looks like great Las Vegas weather. Have a fabulous trip. Tip well. And don't lose too much at the tables and machines.

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A complete guide on How To Survive The Summer Heat In Las Vegas:
Tips On How To Survive The Summer Heat In Las Vegas.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How To Get Good Seats At A Las Vegas Show - Buy Your Tickets In Advance

Crazy Girls At The Riviera.
Many visitors to Las Vegas has a "come what may" attitude about their trip. They plan on going with the flow and enjoying whatever pops up in Sin City. However, seeing one of the hottest shows in Las Vegas may be on your itinerary. If you want to know how to get good seats at a Las Vegas Show, buy your tickets in advance. 

Tourism is down nationally, due to the economy; and Las Vegas is no different. Getting tickets to most any show is not a problem, even if you are buying tickets at the last minute. However, some of the more popular shows still draw big crowds and you could wind up in the nose-bleed seats if you're a last minute ticket shopper.

It's a good idea to do some research before you plan your trip to Las Vegas. Find a show or two that you would like to see. Make sure you check which nights the shows run and when they are dark (closed).

Many of the online travel vendors offer package deals that will include discounted tickets to a show. If you're booking your trips weeks or months in advance, you'll have a better chance of getting good seats and really getting your money's worth.

A note about the picture above and something fun and free to do in Las Vegas. When Las Vegas tried to be a "family" destination back in the 1990's, some of the casinos hated the idea. At the top of the list was the Riviera Hotel & Casino. They hated kids. I know, I worked the comedy club there and was also a street promoter for the casino. In 1996, the Riviera had a bronze statue made of the picture above and put it right out on the sidewalk by their south entrance, just to send a message to parents dragging kids around. The life-size statute is a popular photo spot. You can imagine what people do with their hands... LOL. 

To wrap up this Las Vegas Tip... Some of the shows in Las Vegas are unmatched - you'll never see anything like them. Don't get stuck in the back of the room. How to get good seats at a Las Vegas show - Buy your tickets in advance. 

When are you coming to Vegas?

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best Times To Go Walking In Las Vegas

When is the best time to walk in Las Vegas?
During the summer months, Las Vegas can get very, very hot. During the spring, fall and winter, there isn't much to worry about. You can go walking any time. But during the summer, you want to know the best times to go walking in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas heat builds through the day. Peak temperatures are reached around 4 pm. Concrete sidewalks, benches and walkways retain heat - so it will feel hotter than what you see on the thermometer.

During the summer, do your walking in the morning, up until noon. Stay inside or hit the pool until 6 or 7 pm.

Always wear comfortable shoes and plenty of sunscreen, now that you know the best times to go walking in Las Vegas.

And don't miss the fountains at Bellagio.

Viva Las Vegas

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