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Friday, July 1, 2011

Sobriety Checkpoints All Over Las Vegas For July Fourth Weekend - Take Cab, Bus or Limo

Metro Police will be out in force with sobriety checkpoints.
When you get to Las Vegas, you have to grab a drink or plunk some money in a machine and get a "FREE" drink. As the "FREE" drinks flow, you can easily get too far out on the limb. A word of caution: Sobriety checkpoints will be all over Las Vegas for July Fourth Weekend - take a cab, bus or limo. 

Don't ruin you trip by driving drunk in Las Vegas. It's too easy to take a cab, take a bus or if you have a gang, rent a limo. With business down in Las Vegas, limos were going for about $35 to $50 an hour. If you have five or six people, and they each chip in $20 or $30, you can go all over town in style and never worry about anyone getting busted or worse - hurting someone else.

Keep in mind, the longer you rent the limo, the better the hourly rate should be. Shop around. You could have an absolute blast. I've done it several times and it was well worth it.

Also, you cannot hail a cab on the street in Las Vegas - it's against the law. You can only get a cab at a cab stand at a hotel or casino.

With sobriety checkpoints all over Las Vegas for the Fourth of July weekend, do the smart thing and take a cab, bus or limo. 

Have a great time, but do it responsibly.

Viva Las Vegas!

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