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Friday, August 12, 2011

Las Vegas Weather August 12-16, 2011 + A Limo Tip

Temperatures just above 100º will prevail through Tuesday. There is a slight chance of a thunderstorm on Saturday. Usually, storms are quick and sporadic. It can rain like crazy in one part of the valley and never touch The Strip. Overall, Las Vegas Weather for August 12-16, 2011 will be comfortable. Plus, I have a tip that could make you feel like a high roller.

Las Vegas Weather August 12-16, 2011. Data from The Weather Channel.
Vegas is a massive place when you're on the ground walking. If you plan on going from casino to casino, forget the high heels and flip-flops. Wear comfortable shoes. You don't realize how far you have to walk to get from the sidewalk to the casinos on the west side of The Strip. Do your feet a favor and get those comfy shoes on and have a great time.


Business has been down in Las Vegas and a lot of the service providers have dropped their prices. When things were booming about five or six years ago, a limo would cost $100 per hour. I've seen stretch limos with signs in the windows - $40 an hour.

If you have a gang, there is no more stylish way to enjoy the nightlife of Las Vegas than to be carted around in a limo. You can check with several companies when you get to Las Vegas by looking in the phone book. Or ask the Concierge.

Tell the limo company how many hours you want the limo for and see if they can cut a deal for you. If you have a gang, you can all split the cost. It will actually be cheaper than a cab and way cooler. And Vegas is all about showing your cool.

Just a thought. I've done it and I've never regretted it.

For more information on Las Vegas Weather for August 12-16, 2011, see The Weather Channel Online.

Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Tip Guru


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Las Vegas Weather - Aug. 10 - 14, 2011 And An Airport Tip

It will be hot today, Wednesday, August 10th, but the temperature will back down a few degrees through the rest of the week. Las Vegas Weather for August 10 -14, 2011 will be hot, but the nights will be fantastic. Plus, a tip on how to save a lot of money at the airport.

Las Vegas Weather August 10-14, 2011. Data from The Weather Channel.

I can't stress it enough how important it is to keep yourself hydrated in the desert. In high heat, your body can lose as much as a quart of fluids per hour. Always carry water with you. If you perspire a lot, sports drinks replenish some of the electrolytes you lose, so keep them in mind as a beverage option as your seeing the sites.


When people first arrive in Las Vegas, they are immediately hit with the ringing and dinging of slot machines. On the way out of town, those slot machines are still chiming away. The temptation to make one last bet is coaxing you toward the machines. STOP!

The slot machines at the airport are some of the tightest machines in all of Vegas. You're throwing your money away.

Also, do you souvenir shopping at gift shops along The Strip or off the beaten path. You'll pay a premium at the airport for those dice or that deck of cards with all the casinos on them.

Save yourself a few bucks by shopping and gambling wisely in Sin City. There are no deals at the airport.

For more on Las Vegas Weather, check The Weather Channel Online.

Enjoy these final weeks of summer in Las Vegas. Where the Las Vegas Weather for August 10 - 14, 2011 will be hot, but the nights will be wonderful.

Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Tip Guru

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