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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween In Vegas Is A Scary Time For All

Typical Vegas attire. Halloween is just amp'd up a bit.
You can feel the chill at night. The sun is setting a little sooner every day. Football has occupied almost two months of Sundays. Jumbo bags of candy cram Wal-Mart shelves. It must be time for Trick or Treating. Halloween in Vegas is a scary time for all.

If you're a tourist in Las Vegas for Halloween, there are plenty of wild costume parties to go to. To you, the tourist, the outfits may seem wild. What you don't know is that most of those people dress like that year round. Vegas is like Halloween 365 days a year, but only on one do you get candy.

Another thing that makes Halloween one of the most exciting holidays in Las Vegas is October 31st is Nevada Day. It's like a national holiday. Banks are closed. No mail. Government workers stay home and don't do any work, as opposed to doing the same at the office. But, seriously, Nevada Day is a big holiday. After 15 years, I still don't know what it's for. I could probably run it through Google and find out, but who cares? Ya get the day off. Ya get candy. And people look slightly weirder than they do the other 365 days a year.

Being a tourist with kids can be challenging in Vegas. Although, some of the casinos have afternoon Trick or Treating. Check with the concierge or the front desk. There might be something going on. Can't hurt to ask.

There is a Catholic Church, Christ The King, that had an event called Trunk or Treat. It was held in the church parking lot. People came, parked their cars and opened their trunks. Kids got to go around and get their sugary treats in a safe environment - because some of the neighborhoods in Vegas are really scary - and those are the nice ones.

People in Vegas don't make a habit of getting to know their neighbors. Halloween is the one time a year when you actually get to SEE the neighbors, but they're all in costumes, so you can't tell who they are. But, it was the effort of SEEING that counted, and in Vegas, that gets you through another day.

There is a certain creepiness about the Trick or Treating in most neighborhoods. However, the neighborhood I lived in when I was married was the best. Most of the houses had plenty of decorations and I'm talking serious bucks. Several homes had "shows" - strobe lights, music, recorded screams, animated dummies, and the person or two who was dressed like a scarecrow sleeping in a chair - that's the one that always made me drop a couple Baby Ruth's on their driveway before my daughter and I ran for the next house.

At least everyone gave out candy. Where I grew up, there were some real nutcases. They'd give you a cup of cider. What kid wants cider when there's 500 houses giving out CANDY. Then there were the old people who felt nickels were a nifty idea. They're dead now - thank God.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a fabulous Halloween. If you have kids, go to as many houses as they can stand. You only have a couple golden years with them when Halloween is nearly as magical as Christmas. And then they grow up and Halloween in Vegas is a scary time for all.


Viva Las Vegas!
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