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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Las Vegas Weather July 19-23, 2011 - Hot and Dry - Taxi Tip

Tuesday will be windy in Las Vegas. If you wear contact lenses, you may be better off wearing your glasses. Blowing dust really aggravates contact lens wearers. The rest of the week will be hot with a slight drop in temperatures. Las Vegas Weather for July 19-23, 2011 will be hot and dry, plus a tip on catching a taxi on The Strip.

Las Vegas Weather July 13-19, 2011. Data from The Weather Channel. 

With temperatures above 100º all week, I can't stress it enough on how important water is during your time in the desert. Every chance you get to drink water, take it. You'll avoid headaches, feel more refreshed and even look better.  ;)>

And keep applying sunscreen if you are out and about.


It is illegal for a taxi cab to stop on The Strip. So, don't try to hail a cab. They won't stop. You can only catch a cab at a cab station at one of the casinos. Cabs are plentiful in Las Vegas and there is rarely a wait.

The most economical way to get up and down The Strip is to Take The Deuce Buses. 

Craps is the only game where you can actually get an edge on the house. Ask the dealers if and when lessons are available. I love craps. It spells VEGAS to me. 

For more detailed information on Las Vegas Weather for July 19-23, 2011, see The Weather Channel Online.

Viva Las Vegas!

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