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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to Las Vegas Tips

Welcome To Las Vegas Tips - Your Sin City Concierge.
Thank you for stopping at what hopes to become the most comprehensive compilation of Las Vegas Tips.

During the fifteen years I was in Las Vegas, I was a stand-up comic for part of it, then I worked in advertising and eventually owned an advertising agency. I was exposed to places and parties that the average tourist will never see. I also had several friends that were and still are entertainers on The Strip in Las Vegas.

Right now, I am not living in Las Vegas. Due to a series of unfortunate choices and events, I had to leave. However, I have a nine year old daughter that is still living there with her mother. My dream is to return to the city I love so much. For a time, I thrived there and Sin City gave me the best years of my life.

Someday I will return.

This site designed to help new visitors and veteran Vegas tourists to better enjoy the Jewel of The Desert. Hopefully, you will have a better time, and if the stars are aligned, you'll head home with more money than when you arrived.

Please feel free to contribute to this site by suggesting your favorite tips. I'll do everything I can to provide you with the best secrets and Las Vegas Tips I've learned from my time in the high desert. Enjoy.

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