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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How To Get Comps In Las Vegas - FREE STUFF

You can get FREE stuff in Vegas, if you play the game.
One of the most popular questions from Las Vegas visitors is, "How to get comps in Las Vegas?"

In the mob days, comps were easy to come by. If you gambled or hooked up with one of the pit bosses or the concierge, you could usually get a steady stream of comps for meals or shows.

Now, in the Las Vegas era of big corporations, accountants and data mining wizards, there is only one way to get comps in Las Vegas and it requires two steps.

1. You have to sign up for a players club card
2. You have to gamble

It's that simple.

Las Vegas marketing is all based on numbers. Every casino wants to know where you are from, how much you make, how much you gamble, how much you lose and when can they get you back to do more of the same.

The players club card is easy to get. Ask any host, pit boss or dealer where you can sign up for a players card. Every casino has a special section for their players club. Some casinos offer a free gift or some incentive comps for signing up.

Once you have the players card, make sure you use it every time you gamble. Plug it into the slot and video poker machines, hand it to the dealer at the blackjack or craps table. If you have it, use it every time you wager a dime.

All of your gambling activity is logged and calculated. Casinos look at your average bet, how long you play, how much you win and how much you lose. Your stats are plugged into a magic casino marketing computer and you will receive a rating. You will never know your rating - that is a highly guarded secret by every casino. They strive to attract and develop a list of visitors that are the highest rated players they can get.

Win or lose, you are accumulating points on your players club account. If you're a modest gambler, your players club card can get you discounts at the buffet or on show tickets. If you gamble a lot more, you can get free meals and even free rooms.

For a short time, I was a regular craps player at the Hooters Hotel. I was introduced to the Casino Host, who was in charge of making people like me happy. A couple times I called him up and asked for a free room. Since I had been showing up rather regularly at his craps table, he was glad to fulfill my request.

I have a few friends that are very big players. They gamble thousands of dollars every time they play. Casinos love players like them. I know that usually once or twice a year they will be offered a free weekend stay - room and meals are included. But they better show up and gamble, otherwise, someone in casino marketing will wind up with egg on their face and may lose their job.

Vegas used to be known for cheap rooms, cheap food and the mobsters tried to make you as comfortable as possible so that you'd gladly and easily give up your money at the machines and on the tables. Comps were part of the scene and were expected. These days, the bean counters have taken all the fun out of comps. If you want to know how to get comps in Las Vegas, you start by seeing the players club.

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