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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When You Can And Cannot Valet Park In Las Vegas

Hotel guests get preference. But you can still Valet Park.
In a previous post, I mentioned that valet parking is FREE throughout Las Vegas. Anyone can use valet parking, however, there are certain times when the hotels will impose restrictions as to who can and cannot use valet parking.

Since valet parking is available to anyone most of the time, I'll tell you when you will not be able to use valet parking.

Friday afternoon and evening is the time when all of the travelers from the surrounding states are coming in. If the valet parking is filling up, the attendants will only allow registered hotel guests to use valet until it is full.

Friday and Saturday night are the nights when valet parking fills up. If you want to use valet parking, you'll need to arrive early - say... before 5 pm.

Certain properties that have large showrooms or arenas with shows and attractions will draw large crowds and valet will tend to fill up then. Again... arrive early and you should not have a problem.

Retrieving Your Car From The Valet

Las Vegas is programmed to move a lot of people quickly. Waiting for your car at the valet should usually only be a few minutes. However, when a big show or attraction dumps its audience into the casino, droves of people will be heading to the valet. If you don't want to wait, there is plenty to do in any of the casinos. Grab a cup of coffee and return to the valet when the crowd has simmered down.

You can always use the parking garage. But part of being in Las Vegas is to be able to act like a big shot and valet parking adds that little touch to your high roller experience. Have fun and valet park in Las Vegas.

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Viva Las Vegas!
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