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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Las Vegas Hotel Tip: Best place to park at the MGM Grand Hotel

Depending on which list you check, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is either the largest or second largest hotel in the world. It boasts over 6,500 rooms. It also has one of the largest parking garages in the world with over 15,000 parking spaces. And this gives me a good opportunity for a Las Vegas Hotel Tip.

After years of wrestling with the parking at the MGM, I finally figured out the most efficient way to park.

Most people will wind their way up through the garage until they find an opening, and then park. This, however, could leave you a hundred yards or more from the entrance to the Star Walk, which is the pathway to the escalators that take you to the main lobby.

Parking miles away is no big deal at the beginning of the evening, but after a night on the town, you want to get to your car as quick as possible.

To cut down the distance from your car and the Star Walk entrance, keep winding your way up through the garage until the cars start to thin out. Once you find a relatively empty floor, follow the signs that point to the entrance. Drive as close as you can in the direction of the entrance and then park as close as you can to one of the elevators.

At the end of the night, you can stroll out of the Star Walk over to the nearby elevator and zip up to your car, which should be nearby. You'll save yourself a ton of walking. And after a long day you'll love this tip.

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